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About Us

Casino NOX Canada

Welcome to Casino Nox, the world’s leading authority on the casino industry. We provide you with a detailed account of the most innovative casino solutions and how they affect you as a player. Our service is fully committed to helping you make your choice of a casino a walk in the park.

We have compiled the world’s largest database of ratings, casino reviews, bonuses, and casinos. Each item of information we have listed here comes with a detailed explanation that carefully explains why certain things happen the way they do.

Casino Nox has play-tested each bonus and casino for ourselves. Our team is always in the know as to the latest regulatory changes, and we bring you comprehensive information tailored to your specific needs.

Our pages will provide you with everything you need – from detailed and insightful reviews to a variety of game reviews that you can test and read about yourself. Speaking of teams, let’s meet our specialists!

Why Us?

Our team is one of the world’s best when it comes to casino products. We approach the industry from three distinct standpoints – that of business people, that of players, and that of an unbiased reviewing service.

We Are Business People

As a business, we know what a good casino should offer customers – this includes a variety of products by award-winning and proven suppliers. Secondly, we understand that each casino has to come with certain boxes checked right off even to qualify, and we make sure to conduct thorough background researches.

We Are Trusted Reviewers

As reviewers, we make sure that we leave no stone unturned. Our goal is not to just advise you on what a smart casino or bonus choice is. We go much deeper and help you understand the options and recommendations we advise yourself.

Our experts have decades of cumulative experience reviewing various casinos, following the latest legal challenges and changes, and you can rest assured we are very much up to speed with what’s new in the big casino world out there.

We have a thorough look at the changes that happen in gaming and can always advise you on how to avoid trouble – and make sure you only play at the top venues!

We Are Players Like You

Last but not least – our team are players. People who have either worked within casinos and know the nuts and bolts that are otherwise unknown to outsiders. We are particularly proud to be able to bring you this insider information and help you understand all there is to know about the casinos.

We are very good at spotting the best casino bonuses because we have written countless T&C’s ourselves! Our team knows the ins and outs of the entire industry, and now they are here to let you get an edge when choosing your next gaming venue.

In fact, it’s perhaps time to start looking for new venues. It’s time to settle for the one that makes perfect sense. Not entirely sure how to do this? Take our advice!

Meet Your Editor, Erica

Erica Simmons, Editor on the Casino NOX website

Erica Simmons is our editor, and she is in charge of all the content that passes the pages of Casino Nox. A huge fan of all forms of gaming, Erica can always help you out find the right choice. Her articles will focus on bringing actionable information you can use yourself to get acquainted with the world of casinos.

If you are not new to iGaming, then Erica’s advanced guides will be your go-to place for some keen insights that can help you boost your profits – or in the very least, have a lot of fun while playing at a casino you like.

Outside iGaming, Erica is a huge fan of reading, traveling, and writing. It’s almost a cliché, but Erica has been all over the place, visiting some of the hottest gaming spots out there, including Macau and Las Vegas.


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